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  • Cachify HDD expiry

    Only recently I found out about the embedded Lua interpreter in Nginx and an immediate use came to my mind: why not use Lua to check validity of the Cachify harddisk (HDD) cache? Here is what I came up with.

  • I’ve just released a bug fix update of…

    I’ve just released a bug-fix update of my WordPress panorama plugin, which improves the initialization of the image dimensions and corrects a misbehavior of the automatic animation.

  • WP-PhotoNav Release 0.7

    Today, I released version 0.7 of my WP-PhotoNav WordPress plugin. This version includes two new features that have been wished by users: Support for Colorbox (similar to LightBox) via the new popup option. Support for automatic scrolling via the animate option. If you are yourself a WordPress user and interested in my plugin, visit the […]

  • WordPress Multi-Network with Nginx

    Today I found out the hard way, how an nginx web-server has to be configured to properly work together with the WP Multi Network plugin. The problem was, that for some reason and on some machines, WordPress showed always only one blog (not the same on all machines) and ignored the domain entered into the […]

  • Virtuelle Übersiedlung

    Die vergangene Woche hat ein paar virtuelle Neuerungen gebracht. Ich habe meinen privaten Server auf eine neue Hardware umgezogen. Tatsächlich geht es zwar genau genommen um virtualisierte Hardware, aber mit dem Umzug haben sich die diversen Ressourcenlimitierungen nach oben verschoben, sprich mehr Speicher und mehr Leistung. Redmine Der Grund für die doch etwas aufwendige Aktion […]