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  • Fedora Live USB with GRUB

    As already mentioned in my last post, my laptop won’t boot from a USB stick prepared using a binary copy of an ISO (by means of dd). Here is the method I use to boot the Fedora Live images off my USB stick using GNU GRUB2. The device node of the USB driver is denoted […]

  • Fedora 15 Live USB for HP 8440p

    Unfortunately, none of the „common methods“ for creating a Live USB workes such that my HP EliteBook 8400p would boot them. The procedure described by Jordon Mears came closest. The only technical difference is, that for some obscure reason, the machine won’t boot from anything else than FAT when it comes to USB sticks. Here […]

  • Banshee rocks

    Wenn man seine Musikbibliothek auf einer externen Festplatte hat, zum Beispiel weil die interne Festplatte des Laptops zu klein ist, kann man dem Banshee Media Player mit einem kleinen Trick beibringen, die dortigen Dateien zu indizieren. Alles was zu tun ist, ist die Datei .is_audio_player im Stammverzeichnis der zu indizierenden externen Festplatte anzulegen. Quelle: