Synchronisation: „works for me“


This article has multiple motivations. First, it is a follow-up to an article by Patrick Ohly (author of syncEvolution). As such it illustrates my own experience with his software, but also is meant as a way to show my gratitude and give kudos to him and all contributors of syncEvolution. Second, but this is somehow related to the aforementioned article, it should show that synchronisation [of PIM data] can work reliably and as such it opposes a wide spread opinion.


What I’ll try to show is how I’m successfully synchronising my notebook, my workstation (both Fedora 15) and my Android phone using the SyncML protocol.

Disclaimer: on the phone, I’m currently using a non-free piece of software from Synthesis AG for the only reason that the free Funambol client doesn’t play well with my self-signed SSL certificate (yet!?).

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