Schlagwort: HOWTO

  • Add EXIF camera information

    Having tried the local analogue film scanning service provided by Fotospeed, I just have picked up the DVD holding my first „hybrid“ photos. Naturally, the files could not contain any EXIF data related to my camera.

  • Eclipse CDT crash

    If you’re using the Eclipse CDT for C++ development and experience crashes immediately after loading the workspace (during indexing) on Linux (I saw it on Fedora and openSUSE), you should use the workaround suggested in the corresponding Bugzilla entry. Essentially you have to add the line -XX:-UseCompressedOops to your eclipse.ini.

  • Fedora Live USB with GRUB

    As already mentioned in my last post, my laptop won’t boot from a USB stick prepared using a binary copy of an ISO (by means of dd). Here is the method I use to boot the Fedora Live images off my USB stick using GNU GRUB2. The device node of the USB driver is denoted […]

  • Secure Firefox with AppArmor

    To „lock down“ Firefox on an openSUSE 11.3 machine, I used the four AppArmor profiles you find below. The first is an openSUSE default profile and the second is based on the openSUSE default profile. My changes include support for PulseAudio sound and the Flash plugin, where the latter is realized with local profiles that […]

  • Inkscape Standardvorlage

    Gestern war ich wieder einmal in der Situation, dass ich eine per Hand gezeichnete Skizze in einem Dokument verwenden wollte. In solchen Faellen ist Vektorgrafik Software Inkscape für mich die erste Wahl. In Inkscape angefertigte Zeichnungen lassen lassen sich ganz natürlich im EPS Format exportieren, das wiederum erste Wahl für Grafiken in LaTeX Dokumenten ist. […]