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  • Nur „echte“ Benutzerkonten anzeigen

    Um am Login Bildschirm von Fedora nur jene Konten anzuzeigen, die sich in letzter Zeit eingeloggt haben, muss man nur eine kleine Änderung an der /etc/gdm/custom.conf Datei vornehmen: — old/custom.conf 2011-07-07 09:35:01.462829111 +0200 +++ new/custom.conf 2011-07-07 09:30:27.146258540 +0200 @@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ [xdmcp] [greeter] +IncludeAll=false [chooser] Damit werden nicht oder zB nur per scp genutzte […]

  • Fedora 15 on NVIDIA NVS 3100M

    In an earlier post, I already wrote about how to install the proprietary video driver on Fedora. In a brief update I suggested to change the acpi_sleep kernel option to accomplish proper display wake-up from standby. Unfortunately, that solution doesn’t work reliably in my experience. Today I found a solution that seems to successfully work […]

  • Fedora Live USB with GRUB

    As already mentioned in my last post, my laptop won’t boot from a USB stick prepared using a binary copy of an ISO (by means of dd). Here is the method I use to boot the Fedora Live images off my USB stick using GNU GRUB2. The device node of the USB driver is denoted […]

  • Fedora 15 Live USB for HP 8440p

    Unfortunately, none of the „common methods“ for creating a Live USB workes such that my HP EliteBook 8400p would boot them. The procedure described by Jordon Mears came closest. The only technical difference is, that for some obscure reason, the machine won’t boot from anything else than FAT when it comes to USB sticks. Here […]

  • Fedora 14 and SSH port forwarding

    Yesterday I upgraded also my workstation to Fedora 14 and soon ran into a rather unexpected problem that I couldn’t resolve due to an overwhelming amount of misleading reports and discussions on the web a.k.a. „noise“. The use-case was, that I tunnel from home to my workstation via SSH on a regular basis and for […]