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  • Contrary to what I noted earlier http fmos…

    Contrary to what I noted earlier, `mod_pagespeed` may be used together with Z-Push (thanks to Grayson Peddie for the hint). Any interference with the relevant parts can be prevented by the following lines in the module configuration: source: Z-Push forum thread

  • Android Z-Push

    For weeks I had the intention to use my Android phone with Zarafa and Z-Push. However, my phone always reported that protocol version provided by the server would not be supported. I had a day off today and dug into the code (first Z-Push, then CyanogenMod 10) to track down the problem. It seemed like […]

  • Synchronisation: „works for me“

    Motivation This article has multiple motivations. First, it is a follow-up to an article by Patrick Ohly (author of syncEvolution). As such it illustrates my own experience with his software, but also is meant as a way to show my gratitude and give kudos to him and all contributors of syncEvolution. Second, but this is […]