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  • Excel: US-Datum in Datum umwandeln

    Zum Sortieren einer Tabelle nach Datum muss dieses von Excel als „echtes“ (numerisches) Datum erkannt werden. Wenn die betreffende Spalte in einem im deutschen Sprachraum herkömmlichen Format vorliegt, z.B. dd.mm.jjjj, ist das recht einfach mit der Funktion DATWERT zu machen (siehe Office Support). Wenn das Datum allerdings im US-Format m/d/y vorliegt, ist die Umwandlung nicht […]

  • My i3 dual screen workflow

    Using the i3 tiling window manager on two screens („outputs“) can be challenging. The number of workspaces grows twice as fast than with a single screen setup and it is easy to lose track of the numbers and contents of workspaces. For me personally it is more intuitive to remember a certain sequence of workspaces […]

  • Interoperating Exim with Rspamd

    Recently I have been implementing Rspamd for providing some automatic filtering for the emails hosted on my server, which are presently delivered by Exim to the Dovecot LDA. For integrating Exim with Rspamd, I followed the Rspamd manual, but thing weren’t exactly working as expected. I was frequently getting error messages such as: Feb 7 […]

  • fgallery on Mac OS X

    fgallery is a generator for beautiful static web galleries, which I used e.g. for producing hochzeitsball.eu. The instructions on it’s website for running on OS X however do not overlap with my preferences (i.e. are not based on Homebrew). To get fgallery running on OS X using Homebrew, the following steps worked for me: brew install imagemagick […]

  • rsync problem & solution

    For rrsync (i.e. restricted rsync) to work, the remote user must have a proper login shell specified (i.e. not /bin/false).