Linux on MacBook Air with NVIDIA drivers

In order to use the proprietary NVIDIA driver on a MacBook Air 3,1 (11-inch, late 2010) with the NVIDIA GeForce 320M chipset booting openSUSE Leap 42.1 in EFI mode, create the file /etc/grub.d/01_enable_vga.conf with the following content: #!/bin/sh set -e # Initialize the PCI-E registers of MBA 3,1 for the nvidia driver cat << EOF btrfs-mount-subvol /dev/sda3 […]


Leider hat Samsung mit dem Fernseher UE37ES6300 nicht geschafft, standardkonforme (VESA) Montagebuchsen für  vorzusehen, weshalb beispielsweise die Vogels EFW 8105 Superflat S Wandhalterung nicht ohne weiteres daran zu befestigen ist: Abhilfe bringen vier Stück M8 Schrauben mit 3cm Länge aus dem Baumarkt.

Fedora 15 on NVIDIA NVS 3100M

In an earlier post, I already wrote about how to install the proprietary video driver on Fedora. In a brief update I suggested to change the acpi_sleep kernel option to accomplish proper display wake-up from standby. Unfortunately, that solution doesn’t work reliably in my experience. Today I found a solution that seems to successfully work […]