Eclipse CDT crash

If you’re using the Eclipse CDT for C++ development and experience crashes immediately after loading the workspace (during indexing) on Linux (I saw it on Fedora and openSUSE), you should use the workaround suggested in the corresponding Bugzilla entry. Essentially you have to add the line


to your eclipse.ini.

WP-PhotoNav Release 0.7

Today, I released version 0.7 of my WP-PhotoNav WordPress plugin. This version includes two new features that have been wished by users:

  • Support for Colorbox (similar to LightBox) via the new popup option.
  • Support for automatic scrolling via the animate option.

If you are yourself a WordPress user and interested in my plugin, visit the plugin homepage on this website to see all features in action or the download page at If you are interested in what other improvements I’m planning, you can always look it up on the roadmap.