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  • Have been working on WP-PhotoNav to finally implement some long requested features (see on GitHub).

  • I’ve just released a bug fix update of…

    I’ve just released a bug-fix update of my WordPress panorama plugin, which improves the initialization of the image dimensions and corrects a misbehavior of the automatic animation.

  • Android Z-Push

    For weeks I had the intention to use my Android phone with Zarafa and Z-Push. However, my phone always reported that protocol version provided by the server would not be supported. I had a day off today and dug into the code (first Z-Push, then CyanogenMod 10) to track down the problem. It seemed like […]

  • More parrallel programming

    As a faithful follower of the Fedora Planet, today I stumbled upon a post about parallel programming in Python. Having made similar experiences myself, I would like to add another alternative for parallel programming in Python. I could have posted this in the comments of the original post, but this way the formatting is nicer. […]

  • Go C10k

    Inspired by (admittedly „ancient“) part 1 of a very instructive post series by Richard Jones and while waiting for Channels API support in Google’s new Go App Engine, I decided to make a quick port of Richard’s mochiconntest_web Erlang module to Go. Source first, discussion later: package main import ( „fmt“ „http“ „log“ „time“ ) […]