Add EXIF camera information

Having tried the local analogue film scanning service provided by Fotospeed, I just have picked up the DVD holding my first „hybrid“ photos. Naturally, the files could not contain any EXIF data related to my camera. On the other hand, it seemed desirable to find and identify those hybrid pictures among the thousands of native digital  images in my library. But how to add camera information to the TIF (or JPEG) files? At least Apple Aperture does not seem to support editing of this type of information in any way I could find.

Luckily, for special wishes there are special tools. Here comes

brew install exiftool

Once that was done, I just had to navigate to the folder containing the album with the new images and did

exiftool -overwrite_original_in_place -make="Canon" -model="A-1" -iso="200" -lens="Canon FD 50mm" -FocalLength="50mm" *.tif

to modify the images in place (remember, I had a backup – or rather a master copy – on DVD).