More parrallel programming

As a faithful follower of the Fedora Planet, today I stumbled upon a post about parallel programming in Python. Having made similar experiences myself, I would like to add another alternative for parallel programming in Python. I could have posted this in the comments of the original post, but this way the formatting is nicer.

My point is, that Parallel Python is a really nice library, but the functionality (at least at the level demonstrated here) is also provided by the multiprocessing module included with Python.

Here is my slightly modified implementation of the same program:

Another asynchronous python example
import multiprocessing
import time
def background_stuff(num):
  return "%s I'm done" % num
if __name__ == "__main__":
    print "Start at:" , time.asctime(time.localtime())
    pool = multiprocessing.Pool()
    print "Start doing something"
    it = pool.imap(background_stuff, [(1,), (2,)])
    print "Do something..."
    print " ... do something else..."
    print "End at:", time.asctime(time.localtime())