Monat: Mai 2011

  • Go C10k

    Inspired by (admittedly „ancient“) part 1 of a very instructive post series by Richard Jones and while waiting for Channels API support in Google’s new Go App Engine, I decided to make a quick port of Richard’s mochiconntest_web Erlang module to Go. Source first, discussion later: package main import ( „fmt“ „http“ „log“ „time“ ) […]

  • „Begnadete Köche in der Genfer Weinregion“

    Die folgenden Fotos habe ich während eines von Schweiz Tourismus vorgeschlagenen Spaziergangs gemacht. Um ehrlich zu sein, haben wir nach einer Stunde Picknick gemacht und sind danach zum Auto zurückgegangen. [g3client item=90 lightbox=yes] [g3client item=91 lightbox=yes]

  • xsession-errors

    Ever since I upgraded my notebook with a SSD, I was looking for a way to minimise or avoid unnecessary write accesses. The tools of choice (on Linux at least) are iostat for a rough summary and pidstat for the details. With the help of those two one can easily figure out which processes are […]